30 January 2015

Reader Input

Hello All!
I'm not sure who still reads this, but I thought I would do a post asking you all a couple of questions.

  1. Are there any problems/glitches with this new template I made?
  2. What kind of posts are your favorites?
  3. Are there any kinds of posts that you miss me doing?
  4. How often do you check my blog? (this will tell me how often I should post ;)
  5. Anything else you want to say to me!  I love comments :)
Anyway, I hope this new blog template works.  I'm pretty satisfied with it for now, and it's a lot happier than my old one... that was way too grey!  
Have a wonderful weekend!

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10 January 2015

Lately // Projects During Break

Hello All!
I know this blog has been a bit neglected lately... and although I feel I should have been posting more during break, this never happened.  Instead I posted very little (with the exception of my Christmas posts and Jewelry ideas).  I decided to let you all in on a secret, although it isn't much of a secret really... that just makes it sound more exciting ;)
First of all, for Christmas I was given an iPod, and from this generous gift I got Instagram!  If you would like to follow me, click this link:  http://instagram.com/nederlandergirl/
I will be posting pictures of my latest projects before they go up on this blog (since it's so quick ;) Anywho, today I thought I would share some picture from my account for those of you who do not have Instagram, as well as those who would rather quick see what I've been working on lately!

I made a case for my iPod (and it matches my iPod too, since it's red!)

I also made a spoon ring... a.k.a. a ring made out of a spoon ;)

I paper mached this earring/ring stand, and then spray painted it gold!

And this garbage can used to be lines of blue and white... but since that didn't match my room, I did silver and then tried to put some metalic black blotches on, however since the can was running out of paint, it ended up splattering... which was much cooler than what I had been planning!

This is a jewelry tree I made out of old wire hangers, and then spray painted it silver (also I spray painted the plate's top chalkboard surface)

I made the pattern for this headband and knit it with snaps at the back.

Here's a little peak into my posts on instagram:

Have a wonderful Week!

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04 January 2015

Jewelry Ideas

Hello All!
I know, I've been quiet for a while now other than my little Christmas-y posts.  Over my break I have been doing a lot of different projects for my room-- moving my desk in, putting up picture frames, organizing, and creating as well!  I had an inspiration some time last week (after being given some of my grandmothers jewelry) to make a new jewelry box-- or at least some new way to display/organize the jewelry I actually wear.  I searched online and found a few different options which I thought were brilliant.  I will share these with you, and then show you what I decided on!

Cool Jewelry Storage Ideas
This tea cup idea was so adorable, however I drink tea, and would rather have my tea cups out for use, than in my drawer stashing my jewelry.

Reserved for Peachy5920  Jewelry Genie -  Wall Hung Jewelry Box
I absolutely adore this cork idea, however I am already making a wine cork board just to have a cork board in my room, so I decided not to go with it.

This one was too awesome not to show you guys, however I have no empty wall place for a necklace tree decoration, so I had to say no.

This one is a lot like the tea cups, and since I did not have any extra plates I could not use this option.

This one I liked, but knew it wouldn't match my room very well (plus I would have to go and look for cool handles... and I was wayyy to impatient to do that)

I did really like this one.  Simple.  Just stick some tree branches into an antique-ish jar, and voila!  You've got it.  My problem with it, however, was that in order to keep the branches from rotting/breaking I would have to somehow treat them, and that would have taken quite a bit of research, which I was too lazy to do ;)

So, for the big question!  What did I decide?  I liked them all but had problems with them all!  I then decided to go with the branches... but instead of actual branches, I opted for some wire.  And for a cheaper version of wire, I used old hangers.  Once I had finished crafting my wire tree, I sprayed it with some Chrome Finish spray paint and... Voila!  I got a gorgeous silver-y tree!
And yes, I have a picture ;)

So that is that!  I also made my own plates (for the tiered jewelry plate stand) with paper mache and should be posting about that sometime in the future.  Enjoy the first month of 2015!

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