21 October 2013

Snow In October. . . . . . .

Here I am, posting again. This time because of the strange weather, and because I had pictures to show you!

(those dark grey spots are snow flakes fyi. . .)

Our holly bush leaves.

19 October 2013

Crab Apple Jelly!

Hey Everyone!  I have finally done something exciting amidst my school.  This was making crab apple jelly.  I still have lots of crab apples to make things with.  This is great since we want to try rosemary-mint-crab apple jelly as well as crab apple butter.  Here goes =)

Our largest crab apple (compared to my thumb)

Chop 'em up!


Wow... this turned out super vivid!  It really wasn't that orange...

The mush of apple and water. . . you strain this to get your juice ;)
Put to bed in cheesecloth for the night!
Funneling in into the jars!

I just love the color that it came out in =) So pretty!  Hope you enjoyed =)