19 August 2013

Back Into the Swing of Things

     Lately I have not had much time to take pictures of what I have been doing, so I also have not been blogging.  Generally, as you know, I always post pictures with my posts, but today I will just update you on things.  I think that after this summer or work and play I will be very ready to get back onto the Swing of School, and get to study.  So, back to what I have been doing lately.  This whole summer has been full of working on my farm and improving our land with my whole family.  This is something that at times I do not enjoy, but of course I enjoy it immensely once the work is done.  Reading is something I haven't done a ton of this summer, and I look forward to more as school picks up; even if the books are assigned ones. Although I haven't read a ton, I did manage to finish Ben-Hur, and read Pride and Prejudice, The Hiding Place, The Railway Children, and The Wind in the Willows.  As some of you regular readers have noticed, I have finished two of the books that were on my reading list.  Three cheers!  Still, I didn't even start Great Expectations, but I do have a couple of excuses for not reading that and instead reading three books that weren't at the moment on my list.  For one, I actually couldn't find the ready copy of Great Expectations that I was going to read, and I didn't at the moment want to look for it.  Also I had already started Pride and Prejudice, and probably would have had it on the list as well.  Anyway, enough of that!  Reading has been something I have done besides getting ready for Elleanna's Graduation Open house which happened last Saturday and involved a lot of landscape work.  Sadly, right afterwards, I got an annoying head cold, and am recovering from the worst of it.  But there is always a silver lining!  Through this, I have been able to read more, and hopefully will find some good books to read (since I have still not succeeded at attaining Great Expectations).  Well, I hope you have enjoyed hearing from me since I have been non-posting for over a month now!  Until later!