16 July 2013

Summer Greens

These past few years we have been establishing a garden at our farm.  So far our perennials are three different apple trees (Yellow Delicious, Dwarf of some kind, and Haralson . . . I hope that we can get Honey Crisp soon!) two rows of raspberries, five grape plants, a blackberry bush, and an evergreen nursery.  Hopefully I can add a strawberry patch in our garden soon!  The annuals that we planted this year were: potatoes, beans, onions, carrots, tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkins, and peppers.

Grape twists are so cool!
A little pile of wood stacked from some of the trees we cut down.  (and out awesome loader. . . it is not a bobcat as some people think it is)
Raspberry patch. . . the rows are sorta hard to see.
Grape vines on the fence.
The bean vine.  Evan's camera is so amazing! 
Watermelon (there are three)
Our potatoes!
Carrots, Bean curls, and Onions

We are fixing this up. . . see the old corn crib in the back?  so cool :D
Our five year old apple tree. . . the Yellow Delicious.
Dragonflies were all over the garden!

Again, Evan's camera is so amazing!
The apples are growing!  Horray!
The Cherry Tree
Cherry Tree bark is so cool!
So much grass we need to cut.
Part of our evergreen nursery
Not part of our garden, but there is a lily in the background and I thought that was kinda funny.
One of the four knockout roses we got doubly on sale at Menards.  
Barberry bush
Our neighbors moved to Montana and will sadly be taking their horses soon.

Well, that's all for now!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

15 July 2013

The Chickens as Chicks :D

     We ordered 15 chickens from a hatchery in MI.  On the ninth  of this month they came in the mail.  Sadly now we only have twelve left.  One of each kind died, but twelve is quite a few!  Here are a few pictures of them and their to be home.

Here they are!
Barred Rock
Gold Laced Wyandotte
Buff Orpington
Curious. . . we they haven't been named yet. 

haha.  It looks like a Swan here.

The Buffs are classic chicks . . . so cute!

Lots of wood from cutting weed trees from near the coop.

Thanks to Evan's amazing Camera, I was able to take great pictures!  Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of our garden soon.