27 June 2013

Visit to the MN State Capitol

Wednesday the 26th I visited the MN state capitol, in Saint Paul.  I got to enjoy art work, and puzzle at our tour guide with some of my greatest friends and one of my awesome sisters.

Here is the Fireplace in the governor's meeting room, where he/she would hold . . . meetings =). 
Lots of curlicues and fancyness.

A statue tribute to the iron workers who fought in WWII.  This is sitting on a over 100 year old table, and is being considered for being made into a larger statue.
The main large dome.
The floor below the dome from above (if you understand what I'm saying there.....)

The representatives room (republicans in the center/right, democrats on the left)
Don't quote me, but I think this was in the judge room.... rather the court room haha.
View from the top of the capitol.
I think this is saint Mary's church.  (don't quote me on that either...)
The golden horses on top of the capitol
The capitol's yard
The yard

Random door on the way back down to regular level
Part of the ceiling
Scrolls on a pillar

Marble stairway down
Marble pillars and house of representatives room... I think.

Lady slipper carving on a pillar
weird lamp base....


 THE END!  You had a tour of the capitol without an annoying tour guide...at least I hope I wasn't annoying.