11 February 2013

My Poem On Pride... This is Where Homeschooling Brings Us.


What is this thing, so gigantic?
What is this thing that gets so frantic?

A little poke seems like a blow,
And a miniscule word makes many a foe.

What is immense and can get so dense?
Is inflated and likewise gets irritated?

Conceit, smugness, arrogance,
Haughtiness, self-importance.

All of these words express,
The thing that gives us stress.

Most of us call it Pride,
While lots of us fall and slide,
Into this grotesque fiend.

How are we to get out?
How are we to stop our pout?

Break the ego, and stop the angry flow.
Cut the tide of the fuming mind,

Smash our selfishness,
Make it anew . . . into selflessness

It is something we can never hide.
That is the definition of pride.