27 November 2012

Half Winter

I think that now it is half winter.  Snow on thanksgiving!  Yay!
We have our fireplace in and it is so cozy in our sitting room when some wood is burning!

This is when it was snowing outside on thanksgiving night...   It was so cold outside!

                Pine Cones, Pine Needles, and Snow.

The Swing looks so nice with snow on it, even though you can't swing unless you brush the snow off :)

   That's how nice the fire is when burning hotly!

Pumpkin Pie

       Who Else Made Pumpkin Pie?    
          After looking through around six different 
     cookbooks (a Julia Child one included which made 
     six crusts!. . .  way too many!)  I found a good easy         
     recipe for a crust recipe for a crust, and making it, (it 
     just happened to be a double crust recipe, so I had
    extra dough!)  The edge of my and the edge of the
     crust of my pie was way too thin.  I was excited that
    I had extra    dough, and the cookbook I was using 
    had a wonderful Idea.

               Who will guess who wrote this cookbook and had 
         the amazing this amazing idea? Of course! It was 
        Martha Stewart XP (I know that you all knew that 
        already XD). Ha ha.  So I used this idea and made a 
        thicker crust. 
Here is an up close of the “leaves”