24 July 2012

Some collages I had fun making :)

Lord of the Rings

Camp Shetek 
      It started ... Yesterday. I wanted to do something, and the day before I had watched Mulan on the desktop right by an ac and sharing an ear bud with Olivia.  All of that done I watched it... in Chinese.  :)  Anyway, I decided I wanted to make a collage and so I did. After that, I thought of making one of Lotr.  That worked too!  Next I wanted to make one with my own pictures, so I made one of camp. :)  It was fun, and Picasa has an awesome collage maker thingy majjiga.

14 July 2012


One of Anatole's three Wyandotte hens (I call them the fluffals.)

Hmm... very huge... it was funny to see everyone's faces and different
 comments on this.  Yes.  This was one of the fluffals eggs.

"Squeaky"  the Wyandotte rooster.  (He has a really squeaky crow compared
to their other two roosters which are not Wyandottes)

Squeaky again...

Anatole (the one sitting on top of the sheep stand wearing the yellow shirt)
had (I think) too much caffeine, thus he was being very goofy and

One of the adorable lambs that they had.  The were so fun to feed!!!

That is what happens when a sheep is baa-ing and trying to get off the stand
while you are trying to fasten it's head to the ... thingy.

Finally it settled down... and then Stella blinked when I took the picture... :)

Stella and Elleanna hosing the sheepy (that is what I always call them...)
so that they can clean it.

Ambrose was not helping them...


Forgot to tell you... this is bailey, Stella's sheepy.

Stella decided she was going to play the piano on bailey.

Elleanna and Stella trying to get Bailey to pose...

They posed... but Bailey decided that Elleanna's ear was much more amusing
than a camera.

Finally she was convinced to look at the camera.

three of their ducks (which I call duckies... :) )

Anatole's race car.

Different sheep.  I believe this is blackie... as Anatole insisted on calling her, or Sophie,
as Stella insisted on calling her.

Oh my!  My hair really was falling out...

At the beach

This took a very long time.

This is how I made it.

Anatole  decided that there needed to be another level added.

And then another.  And after that he tried another... but it was so small
that it fell off.

                                                         The campfire

We had soooo much fun at the fire.  We played a chapter game, where everyone
added a part to a story someone started, and it turned out very funnily. 

                  More Sheep washing and Sheering

This is Serena.


                   Fourth of July fireworks show.

The picture on the Two Rivers water tower.

                      More Beach Pictures

This sand castle also took a very long time.

Uncle Kenneth's birthday cake.