13 April 2012

Some more Nature Pictures.

The flower was from a bush at seventh ave, and the moss was down by the creek.
The kitty print was our first sign of the kitten we saw a few days later, and the speed limit sign picture was taken while we were driving.

07 April 2012

Nature at Farm by the Creek

Down by the creek there are some of the cutest mosses!

The Mushroom I found on a fallen log, and I thought it looked
kinda cool :)

I couldn't resist standing on top of the Oldsmobile to take this picture while waiting for the swing to be put up. (by the way. . . I can't get the "I" to get onto the main line. . . so bare with me!)

I don't know why, but I really really like pictures of grass, and this was the perfect place in the pasture!

This butterfly I saw just after taking the grass picture. I was

happy to be able to take a picture of something moving!

Can anyone guess what this is?

Some more moss!

Beaded Hair Pins